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    TRIANGEL has provided medical aesthetic equipment for 11 years.

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    Production- R&D - Sales - After Sale - Training, all of us here keep sincere to help each client to choose the most suitable medical aesthetic equipment.

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    We don't promise the lowest price, what we can promise is 100% dependable products, which could REALLY benefit your business and clients!

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    "Attitude is everything!" For all TRIANGEL staff, to be honest to each client, is our basic principle in business.


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  • About us

    Founded in 2013, Baoding TRIANGEL RSD LIMITED is an integrated beauty equipment service provider, which combines research and development, production and distribution. With a decade of rapid development under strict standards of FDA, CE, ISO9001 and ISO13485, Triangel has expanded its product line into medical aesthetic equipment, including Body slimming, IPL, RF, lasers, physiotherapy and surgery equipment .

    With about 300 employees and 30% annual rate of growth, nowadays Triangel provided high quality products are utilized in over 120 countries around the world, and have already won an international reputation, attracting the customers by their advanced technologies, unique designs, rich clinical researches and efficient services.

  • High QualityHigh Quality

    High Quality

    Quality of all the TRIANGEL products are guaranteed as TRIANGEL using the imported well made spare parts, employing skillful engineers, executing standardized production and strictly quality control.

  • 1 Years Warranty1 Years Warranty

    1 Years Warranty

    The warranty of TRIANGEL machines are 2 years, consumable handpiece is 1 year. During the warranty, clients ordered from TRIANGEL could change new spare parts for free if there is any trouble.



    OEM/ODM service are available for TRIANGEL. Changing machine shell, color, handpiece combination or clients’ own design, TRIANGEL is experienced to meet different demands from clients.

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